A story that transcends time, race, and even death.

Step into a world where fantasy and reality blend.

Penny Branch is a young, African American woman, unsure of her place in the world. She has been raised by her grandmother and stern aunt, knowing little about her mother, whom she has not seen since childhood, or her father who is never mentioned at all.

Penny’s life brightens when she finds a tiny, white baby in a negro cemetery – and decides to keep her!

About the author

Adele Elliott is a painter, a psychic, and a designer of fantasy tiaras. She is a New Orleans native who has been exiled in Mississippi since her home, and most of her sanity, were blown away by an evil wind named Katrina.

Adele has published three novels, Friendship Cemetery, Witch Ball, and Dovie as well as numerous short stories, and short plays. She has also written an opinion column for The Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, Mississippi.

She has a weakness for chocolate in any form and loves animals and quirky people. Adele lives in a big purple house (not approved by the Columbus “Hysterical” Society) with her wonderful husband and web designer, Chris Hannon, and three “children”, Charlotte Russe (the wild dingo dog), Freda Jolie (a lady dog), and Zydeco Kitty (a boy-cat accomplished in fetching paper balls).


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